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        Developing social and cultural project Kind Land in Vladimir region, we learn to live outside towns/ in the country anew, we want to find a harmonious way of coexistence of nature and man. But we are not fugitives from city, and we do not deny the greatest achievements of the human spirit and mind. We understand that nature must be ennobled by human culture, human creativity, human labor. We are only at the beginning of the road and we do not have ready-made recipes for success. We are open to cooperation and we are looking for like-minded people. 


     We are:

- full member of GEN-Europe and GEN-Russia 
- community center of neighbouring “Anastasia” kin's domains and traditional villages
- the center of social & business activities
- was founded in 2011
- address: Vladimir region, Sudogda district, near Studentsovo village /  200 km from Moscow / 30 km from Vladimir


Our activity:

Children’s camp 

Permanent kindergarten and school

Hobby groups 

Pedagogy seminars 

Kind Land Eco Fest and Rural sustainablу development Forum


      About Kind Land Eco Fest

- has been conducted every summer for last 8 years

900 participants from all over Russia and other countries

- topics: ecology, eco-technology, humanistic education, biodynamic organic farming, green entrepreneurship, self-actualization and psychology

- music concerts, roundelays


Our plans

Main goals:

- Improve solidarity and activity of community

- Look for new members=friends

- Involve zero-waste principles

- Improve local economics


Our team


Alexandr Bespalov - Director of Kind Land, a true leader, builder, architect, creator of feats and children's camps, deputy chairman of the Board of the Fathers of the Vladimir region, father of a large family 

Konstantin Lipatov - co-founder of Kind Land, the soul of the community, a man who made a significant contribution to the development, formation and maintenance of Kind Land, also a father of a large family 

Vyacheslav Soloviev - co-founder of Kind Land, curator of Dobroye eco-village 

Anatoly Karpov - one of the ideologists of the settlement movement, studying this phenomenon from a scientific point of view, a member of the Russian Geographical Society. 

Julia Posazhennikova - co-organizer of Kind Land Festival, an active participant of various programs, a young mother 

Anton and Maya Deitch -  are chefs, passionate about what they do. 

Dmitry Soloviev - co-organizer of Kind Land Festival, chairman of the book club for teenagers 

Evgeny Lipatov is the chief educator of Kind Land, a teacher with a God-given talent 

Sergey Shevchuk – our neat-handed master

Visit us:

-          at the Annual EcoFest in June (check actual dates on our website)

-          for groups of more then 5 persons - at any time by prior arrangement


- Address: Vladimir region, Sudogda district, near village Studentcovo /  200 km from Moscow / 30 km from Vladimir

- FaceBook :https://www.facebook.com/dobrayazemlya/


Person in charge of communication(eng.)

Dmitry Solovyev dmitry.solovyev@list.ru / whatsapp, viber +7-926-323-04-60 

FaceBook https://www.facebook.com/mityay.qu

Visitors about Kind Land

Ana Maria (Italy) 2019

28661247_10214403844562957_957117905542053888_o.jpgI visited Kind Land for one week this August and I found myself all of a sudden in the care of Anatoly and Marina. They welcomed us like old friends and gave us another view of Russia that we would never have gotten just by travelling as foreigners. They both introduced us to life in the Russian countryside showing us their wonderful garden, pond, forests, and all the rest of the territory, explaining everything and teaching us many new things about the climate, soil, and agriculture in their region. Anatoly also took us into the forest for mushroom picking where I learned about the types of mushrooms that grow in their area and which ones can be eaten 😉 Marina shared with us her jam making skills, and I was able to help her can some apple jam to be stored away for the winter. I observed her amazing bread baking skills too and all the rest. Staying with them, their family, and meeting all the other people who live in the Kind Land territory taught me so many things about the possibility of living in another way close to nature and the people around you; especially with a focus on the wellbeing and education of children who are our future. At the same time it was an amazing Russian experience because we were able to learn about the old traditions of a country through its inhabitants; one I will not forget is the Russian Banya 😉. Thank you Kind Land, Anatoly and Maria, and everybody else who welcomed us into their homes for being so warm and willing to share your daily life with us. It was an experience we will never forget and I recommend to anyone who is interested to visit if you get the chance!